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EVO 3.5” 7-9 Stainless Single Muffler Cat Back Exhaust


Dual Muffler

3.5 inch Exhaust

Lobsterback Design

Award Winning Sound

Dyno Winning Performance

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When we looked at designing an EVO exhaust when there was already bloody heaps out there, we first looked at why there was so many. The most obvious was that there was USDM and JDM and on top of that 3 key models, the 7, 8 and 9. So we didn’t fo down the path of others to “just” make an exhaust, we made 1 exhaust that fits all models, with only a extra flange as a spacer being the only requirement on some models. Lots of people have asked us why don’t we produce a 3” version? The answer is simple, why would you want one. The only reason we could see is if there was a racing class rule that stipulated the use of an exhaust no bigger then 3”. Most people will say “you don’t need a 3.5 inch exhaust at that power level” Well that’s wrong! Traditionally the reason you would not go bigger than a 3” exhaust is the noise they can produce and ground clearance/fitment issues. We have address those issues to the point that customers are so happy with their new 3.5” ARTEC exhaust as it produces less drone and is quieter when cruising around. We have seen as much as 40kw at the wheels increase going from a Greddy 3” cat-back system to our 3.5” system.

For more information on EVO exhaust development please read the “EVO 3.5 Dump/02 Housing and front pipe” description.