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Supra 4” Titanium Triple Muffler Cat Back Exhaust


Triple Muffler

4" Inch Exhaust

Lobsterback Design

Award Winning Sound

Dyno Winning Performance


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The Supra exhaust was developed in Australia around the very tight noise and ground clearance regulations, The aim was to develop then test multiple designs to achieve a balance of cost, ground clearance, HP performance and ground clearance. We built and tested 3 models based on our plan to attacked the needs of the Supra community as well as try to avoid being hassled by the Police. The variations included, 4” into dual 3” with triple muffles, single 3.5” with both dual and triple mufflers and also the 4”  triple muffler setup as seen on this page. We found that the 4” triple is so good across all requirements we only make the 3.5” version by special request as there is no advantage over the 4” version except for a bit less than .5 of an inch clearance. The note that the 4” triple produces is also unique due to the anti drone design. The anti drone feature was implemented for people that want the 1000whp+ performance but also want to go for a drive without having a head ache once they are home and to also reduce pissing off the neighbours when leaving and returning home.