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Toyota Supra JZA-80 GTE (JDM) Sequential Valve Delete.


Highest Flow on the Market

Stainless Construction

New Design

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Many people like to convert their sequential twin turbo setup to a parallel setup, This is also commonly known as TTC for True Twin Conversion.

People can just wire the valve open on the exhaust side and on the rear compressor outlet to this to work. It is far laggier than the sequential setup from the factory. This is due to multiple reasons, but a huge restriction on the exhaust side is one of them. We have created the SVD (Sequential Valve Delete) to make some more space when working on the turbo setup whilst removing a large restriction of the valve itself and whilst we were at it, increasing the ID of both port to the maximum that will fit within the factory gaskets. By doing this we achieved a 55% increase of flow over the stock unit when wired open.