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Toyota Supra JZA-80 GTE (Non VVTI-JDM) Hi-Flow Y-Pipe


Highest Flow on the Market

Cast Stainless Construction

New Design

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Most people looking at giving their Supra the BPU (Basic Performance Upgrade) type of mods will find many 2.5” and 3” down pipes to give them some more power. But many may not realise that the Y-Pipe itself is VERY restrictive and aids in creating lag. For example, the outlet of the stock non vvti Y-pipe is 54mm! Ours is 80mm! We have also redesigned the two main ports to flow the maximum within the factory dimensions. The ARTEC Hi Flow Y-Pipe flows 75% more than the stock OEM cast iron unit.

This unit is great for people that have had steel wheel conversions or hi flow turbos done.

WARNING: This product is so bloody awesome is will make your turbos pump so much more air you may get boost spikes. When going steel wheel or hiflows this would not be an issue, or if you have modified the wastegate to flow more.